When things go bump in the night

I think it should come as no surprise to most of you reading this that I believe in the supernatural or ghosts. At the same time I do not want to see a ghost, hear one, or think that there might be one living in my house. I'm even careful about how much I outwardly display or talk about  my interest/curiosity for fear that there might be a ghost somewhere listening and decide that they should make themselves known to me.
I loved the show Ghost Whisperer and when I had cable I would get myself in trouble by watching Ghost Hunters. I couldn't pull myself away from shows like that, and then I would nightmares, and I would be afraid to get up in the middle of the night if I had to pee. Which is why I didn't allow myself to listen to this week's pod club pick once the sun went down. For the most part I didn't think the podcast was too terrifying and I think partly because the host wasn't a very good storyteller and also partly because some of the stories were easily explainable or made up. However, some of the stories were so un-explainable/supernatural that despite the host's lackluster voice I still got chills.
Are there ghost people who get stuck here for some reason or can they choose to come "visit" from somewhere after death or is it energy that gets trapped somehow? A combination of all those options? I don't know, all I know is that I do believe that there supernatural/other worldly things happen. I've had only one experience, and I'm going to attempt to tell the story with the aide of my super amazing drawing below.

BFF Evie used to live next door to friends who started having some weird happenings in their house. Regular ghost type experiences, started out small and explainable but then escalated to hearing a voice and the sound of someone walking up their stairs (over and over and over)...so Evie and I, both avid watchers of Ghost Whisperer decided to do some whispering of our own to rid the house of whatever was happening there. Armed with sage we went across the street. Starting in the living room we saged each room while continually talking to the spirit telling it that it was bothering the people living in the house, it needed to move on, leave them alone, that it was no longer living it needed to move on...etc. A constant repetition of those words while walking from Living room - master bedroom - bathroom - spare room - kitchen - basement - back through the kitchen - ending back in the living room. After passing through the kitchen for the second time we turned back around and there, sitting in the middle of the room - right where we had just walked - was the vacuum. Now, maybe you can't tell from my drawing (because it's so amazing and I left out all furniture/obstructions) but there is no way we could have walked through the kitchen from the basement into the living room without noticing that vacuum. We would have had to move it/walk around it/bump into it...it was not a big house. But there it was. Right there in the middle of the kitchen where there had been nothing seconds before. Even now as I'm telling it my heart goes all cold and thumpy.

Ghost House

So maybe you don't believe in ghosts and that's okay but as for me, I have heard from too many trusted people and had one too many personal experiences to deny that there is something more going on out there. Do you have any ghost stories? I would love (and be terrified) to hear them. I am now going to go find out if fellow pod clubbers have any scary stories to share, come with me. I'm first headed to Just Me Actually and then over to Soft Spiral....

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Rachael said...

ok you and leah have officially scared the shit out of me. i'm alone too often to have these images in my head. i feel like the cowardly lion in the wizard of oz...
"i do believe in spooks i do believe in spooks i do i do i do i do". if they just promise to leave me alone.