Your awesome, I new it all along...and other things their not gonna tell you

Oh my gosh you guys, I'm about to lose it. Misspellings are cropping up more and more and becoming even more stupid if that's possible. Tonight I saw someone misspell "knew" and instead they said "I new that." These things should not happen; I mean maybe one or two of them could be reasonably explained away through things like auto-correct, or momentary brain loss. But the level at which I'm seeing these things leads to me believe a lot of the population out there is walking around with permanent brain loss.

If you're reading this blog you probably already know of my extreme dislike for people who use "your" instead of "you're" or "their" instead of "they're". Are contractions really that difficult? Do people really not care that the sentence they're putting together makes no sense if they something like this: "I hope your coming to the party their going to have snacks and live music." Just think about that sentence for a minute...try to make it make sense with the spellings that are in there. I bet you can't do it.

I have to make a confession. My ex used "your" instead of "you're" in texts often. I silently judged him, but I should've broken up with him the very first time he did it. Standards people, you've got to have standards.


All that glitters is....probably something I love

Tonight I painted a pumpkin. I love her, she sparkles and is glittery. She's a glamour pumpkin.

I love holidays, crafts, and all things sparkly.


What I did today

I also made caramel apples, but the caramel wasn't ready for a close up, but boy oh boy it sure did taste good!


Mmmmm, foods

Something is driving me crazy lately. Here's an example:

Why should I regret eating a cookie? I never regret eating cookies, I never regret eating two or three cookies. You know what I do regret? Running, I regret running. Every. Single. Time. It leaves me feeling broken and much older than I actually am for days afterwards. I think it's the wrong sort of message to send as a form of motivation. You shouldn't have to deny yourself things you really love, that is no way to live life.
The quote that drives me the most crazy though is this one:

People who think that this is true is clearly not eating the right types of food. And if you're denying yourself all the food you really love and enjoy eating then being skinny won't be enjoyable at all.

Why is the motivations circulating out there all about denying yourself the foods you love? It drives me absolutely insane, just eat the things you love to eat (in moderation) and get up and move more than you have in the past. I will never be a size 4, and I am happy with that because I enjoy eating and I enjoy life and stressing out all the time about spending enough time in the gym working out isn't worth it to me.

I realize that I could avoid these quotes that make me want to punch the computer by not browsing on pinterest, but that isn't going to be possible so I'm just going to vent and then try to get over it.


People are Stupid

I live next door to my aunt, a couple weekends ago she had a yard sale. Some of the big stuff that didn't sale (trashily enough) is still sitting in the yard under tarps. I'm afraid that those things are going to stay there all winter long and I'm going to have to work up the nerve to say something snarky to my aunt like "so, are you hoping those things just get stolen out there or what?"
That's not what I want to write about, well not only that. Let me explain to you first that my little house sits on a little plot of land, but the yard is clearly marked off with a wood fence and there are not any miscellaneous items in it, nothing that could be mistaken for yard sale items. Unless someone wants to buy my struggling rose bushes. My aunt's house next door (which used to be my grandma and grandpa's house) has a very large yard which is also marked off by a wooden fence. In between our two yards is a fairly wide gravel driveway. Is anyone confused yet as to which yard has the garbage yard sale stuff in it? No? Well then good for you, you are clearly smarter than the average idiot.
About twice a week for the past couple weeks people have pulled into the gravel driveway between the houses and when deciding which house to walk to in order to inquire about the really awesome stuff in the yard they somehow choose mine. Think about that for a second....there is a house sitting on the plot of land with all the goodness and yet these geniuses decide to go to the house with it's very own, very clean yard. When they come to the door and I have to tell them the obvious, that the stuff belongs to the house over there, they always look at me with a blank stare as if I've said something confusing.
That's not the end of it though. I've spent a little bit of time on my front porch and I had to stop because every single time I sat out there someone would stop and ask about "my" stuff in the yard. Do you want to know what I say to those people? "That stuff belongs to the house over there, that's not my yard." And then I berate them in my head for being such big idiots.
Some people are annoying.


To waste, or not to waste

A couple weekends ago I went to Seattle for a Coaches Conference, I can't say everything I heard there was brilliant, most of it was forgotten as soon as I stood up, or never even acknowledged because I was busy practicing my cursive by writing song lyrics but there was one thing that really stood out to me. The opening speaker is someone I've known for a very long time , she is dynamic and hilarious, she kept my attention the whole time and I actually took real notes. So here's what she said that really stood out to me: "Don't waste my heartbeats." If, with every heartbeat we get closer to death we need to make sure that every heartbeat counts. And yes, as I'm writing that I am sitting on my couch in sweats "playing" on the internet but those are things I really enjoy doing and so therefore are not wasted heartbeats. However, I recently wasted way too many heartbeats trying to convince someone that they wanted to be a part of my life, that I was worth it - those heartbeats I will never get back and I should've used them on something more worthwhile. Friends, don't waste your heartbeats and don't let other people waste them for you. I'm not just talking about boys here, there are a lot of situations/people in life that we devote ourselves to without appreciation or forward growth and it's time to look at those things and say: "I'm not going to allow you to waste any more of my heartbeats."


Hardly ever boring

I ride the bus a lot here, and most of the time my rides are uneventful and I spend my time reading or listening to music or both. But sometimes I have to spend my time pretending to read while secretly eavesdropping or sneaking glances of the people that board. Here are a few of the most memorable riding experiences so far.

*It was about 5 in the evening and I was on my way to teach dance at the studio when the bus stopped to pick up a passenger right off of a very busy street in Richland not near a residential area. The woman who boarded was wearing pajama pants, slippers, and carrying a pillow. She was not carrying with her however an overnight bag or a suitcase which would've indicated she was headed for a slumber party somewhere. Also please note I used the word "woman" to indicate that she was not a young girl or teen who would maybe just borrow all of her friends items upon arrival.

*It was around 1 in the afternoon and I was on my way to coaching at the high school when a conversation in the back of the bus caught my attention away from my book. I'm thinking the age of the kids speaking were either in high school but skipping at the time or just out of high school without any time to mature. One very boisterous kid speaking in a louder than appropriate voice was telling his fellow bus-mates in the back how he has done shrooms with his mom, gotten high with his mom, and done other various illegal things with his mom. My first thought was "Seriously? There is a mom out there like that? She should not get to be a mom." Before I can be appalled even further he interrupts my thoughts by calling this "mom" on the phone and telling her he'd like her to give him pot for Christmas. I'm assuming this was supposed to impress the people surrounding him, I have no idea if it did though because I was busy trying to control myself from walking back there and smacking them all upside the head and then calling the police to tell on them.

*The next hilarious boarding/inappropriate loud conversation was on another evening where I was headed to the studio teach. Halfway through my ride the bus stops to pick up a man who boards the plane carrying two (TWO!) cases of Smirnoff Ice. Imagine for a second the stereotype of a guy who might carry two cases of S.I. onto the bus, got it? Yep, you're right, that's what he looked like. He proceeds to the back of the bus (I generally sit more front to middle-ish). I go back to reading my book until the loud voice of a girl chatting this guy up interrupts my focus. I have no idea how this conversation got started or why this portion of it needed to be so loud but it was very amusing to me so I was okay with it. Here is what I remember of it in the exact wording as far as I can remember:
Smirnoff Ice Man: I like strong girls who can stand up for themselves.
Loud Over Sharer Girl: Oh yeah, for sure. I definitely stand up for myself, I've been in a lot of fights but not for a while.
SIM: (silence)
LOSG: Yeah, I mean I'm nice until you provoke me and then watch out. I'm bi-polar so you really don't want to get on my bad side.
From here the conversation takes a turn into a weird over-share about her bi-polar tendencies and the group she goes to and how suddenly she can flip her switch to total crazy. He joins in to the conversation with over-shares of his own about people he knows that are crazy and possibly bi-polar. This goes on until we reach the transfer station where they both get out at the same time and I'm allowed a view of her for the first time. Which I'm sure you can already imagine based on what she was talking about at a high volume on a public bus.



The phone I have sometimes likes to call people all by itself. Most of the time I catch the calls within the first few seconds but every once in a while I don't and then when I look at my phone later I get that "oh crap I've called someone I never want to talk to again, and they probably think I meant to call them" feeling. I hate that feeling so I finally took the time to go through my contacts and erase everyone in there that I would be embarrassed to call accidentally. There were A LOT of left over numbers in there from work/school/dance that I'd just been too lazy to go through and clean out. It made me wonder about how many random phones my number is still in, how many people out there that I never talk to anymore are walking around with a way to contact me? It's weird to think about.