One for the Record Books

I did something today that I never really thought I would have to do...break up with someone via text message.

I tried to call to talk about it but since my phone calls were ignored I didn't really see any other way around it. Plus Stephanie gave me permission to text dump so, I did. 

Luckily we hadn't really been dating all that long, so maybe a longer more drawn out sort of break up was not necessary. But since this had been the first guy I'd dated in nearly four years it did seem a little unusual to not do it face to face. Oh well...

Saturday Morning

I am sitting in the bathroom to post this blog...it is the only place we get internet in our house right now. I suppose if it weren't freezing out I could go sit on the back porch and it would work even better, but since I don't feel like freezing my nads off I will get as close to the back porch as possible while staying inside.
If I weren't sitting on the bathroom floor I would consider my Saturday morning nearly perfect. I sat and looked at the hilarious website cakewrecks.blogspot.com with Stephanie, I'm drinking coffee and I found out that I get to see my friend Tamra again in just a week, plus I'm listening to my i-pod and I do so love my music. I also started my morning by grabbing my book from where I left it last night in my bed and read a little bit. Hmmm, wonderful glorious day off!

Yesterday I went to Powells with the intention to get 1 or 2 books to read this weekend, what happened was though that I walked out with 8 books. That place is dangerous for me. The problem was that I'd already found a few books I wanted to get and then Kareen called me back and made some recommendations...so, I had to get those too. I ended up leaving with:
Those who save us
Before the Storm
Change of Heart
Glass House
Beauty's Punishment
Beauty's Release
(those two are books 2 & 3 in the erotic series of Sleeping Beauty by Ann Rice...yes, I did say erotic...v. trashy, but entertaining)
The Smart One and the Pretty One
Peony in Love

Yay Books! Begin the nerdery that will by my weekend. I can't wait. I just finished up a work "week" that was 9 days long, with 3 of those days beginning at 6am and half of those days being 10-12 hours each. So gross! But, I made it through and now I will reward myself with delicious laziness and tanning.

Things I am looking forward to:
-My workout today. I haven't worked out in a while, I hurt my neck, and then I got overworked and what with all those excuses built right in I had a hard time convincing myself into my workout clothes.
-My sisters coming to visit next weekend. Yahoo sister weekend! (Hi Gina! I love you, me and you should do a sister weekend sometime too!)
-Stephanie and I are going to make cake tonight. After looking at some beautiful cakes today we decided we needed to eat cake, even if it wasn't pretty or decorated. It will still be cake.
-My books.
-Going home in a few weekends. Really, I am totally obsessed with my family. Seriously, everyone should be so lucky as to have a family like mine

Ok, that's enough for now...I will now go finish one of my books so that I can start on another one. 


Exciting news!

I know that maybe I'm a little more into my family than some people, and that everyone who isn't my family probably gets tired of hearing all my stories about my nieces and nephews...but I can't help it. And, something that's exciting for me is that my brother Kyle and his wife are going to be having a baby in June (their first) and today they found out that they are having a girl. I get to be an aunt again for a new little baby for one of my other siblings. I want to call everyone I know, but I can't imagine that anyone will care as much as I do.

Hooray new baby girl!!!

Just Dance

I love dancing for the lumberjax, and yes lacrosse is a fun game to watch but....look...I get to wear sparkles. And lots of them. Mostly all the things we wear involve sparkles of some sort, we have red, gold, and silver, in dresses, shorts, tops and even jackets. Also, this year we've gotten to do a lot of photoshoots, and I love doing photoshoots...especially in fun little outfits. 
My sister's used to make fun of me for putting curlers in my hair to get ready for dance stuff, and while I don't still use curlers to get ready for dance I do put on a lot of make up and make my hair as big as possible.
Today though, I look very different from the sparkly girl who's ready to perform. Today, is my one day off this week and I of course am spending it in sweats on my couch. I am doing laundry (I only have two loads left) cleaning the kitchen, dressing room and my room (so far I've gotten part way through the kitchen) watching French Kiss (which reminds me of Rachael) and shopping for sheets online (my bed is a freak size so they don't sell the sheets I need in stores.) Later today I am going to go to the gym and work out. It will be my first time since I hurt my neck two and a half weeks ago, it's sad cause I can already tell I've lost some muscle. I even had a dream about being weak last night. Booo! I'm also hoping that after working out I have enough ambition to get myself up to go tanning...it is a lot of work to keep myself from looking see through out on the field.
It's a busy Wednesday here in Jilland.