Some geeky facts about me

-I like to spend entire weekends/days watching Lord of the Rings, and/or Harry Potter
-I love to read, and have even tried to keep reading while walking down the street. I also can be found reading at all hours of the night if I'm really into a book
-I discovered I enjoy knitting a few years ago, and even though I still only knit scarves, it makes me happy
-I wish I could be magic. Like the Harry Potter kind of magic. 

I don't think I necessarily look like a geek (except for when I wear my glasses) so I think it surprises people when they find out the geeky things about me. 

Desperately wishing for a maid

I decided to clean today, I started in the front of the house with the Library and have been trying to make my way through every room. I was fairly efficient with Library and Living Room, slowed down a little by the time I got to Kitchen and my room and have now come to a stand still before the Bathroom and Dressing Room. I am telling myself I'll just take a short break and then tackle the rest...but I'm dangerously close to not getting up off the couch.

My only motivation at this point is that I told the boy that I would have the whole house cleaned by the time he got here tonight, and if I don't then I know he's gonna give me a hard time about it. And I really hate having to hear from him what a mess my place is. I've been hearing about how messy I am my whole life, I have never been tidy...and I might never be. (shhh, don't tell him)

Also I'm pretty sure all my neighbors have gotten a pretty good show since I raised all the blinds and have been dancing around the entire time.


Yay Day Off!

Today is my first day off in what feels like forever, even though it's only been 7 days. I wanted to sleep in by my stupid body just woke right up at 6:30am. Gross!

Last night for Lumberjax dance practice we went bowling, and generally I try to avoid situation in which I'm going to look like an idiot....but, I did soooo good bowling last night. Ok, so not really sooo good in regular people standards, but good for me. I bowled an 85. Which might sound mostly pathetic, but considering one time I bowled a 7, that was a big improvement.