Wicked Envy

I shrink from the water, in the instant
it hits me I cringe. A mini barrage
of liquid blades hit my skin, an ailment-
inconvenient pain, no soothing massage
for me. Now, cleanliness is a debate
I often choose to lose. Shying away
from ugly black clouds. Stuck as an inmate
in corners and rooms-as others sashay
in and out of view unaware of my
stare. Umbrella-less pedestrians in-
spire jealousy. A sudden splash-my
instant demise, I shriek-the final pin.
An existence plagued by irritation
perhaps I’ll return, a soul twice bitten.


Right, Left, Right, Left, Right....oh crap

This evening I was walking to class and for some reason started to concentrate on my steps. And then, I forgot how to walk. My right leg suddenly start taking really high steps and then when I tried to stop I scuffed my foot on the ground and stumbled. Then I tried just walking normal but both legs decided they needed to do high stepping. Luckily by the time class was over I'd figured it out again.