Things that have gone on recently:

Thursday I was finally feeling better after feeling sick all week. So, as a celebration I decided to walk to the studio to take Evie's delightful Burly-Q class. I made it about 5 blocks before I almost got hit by a car. Which, would have been WAY worse than being sick. I've joked in the past about "almost getting hit" I've "almost been hit" by a bike, motorized wheelchair, and other cars...However, this time I am seriously serious. I had to run and jump out of the way and yet, even though I had the right of way (I was crossing at a cross walk, with the little walk symbol encouraging me forward) the woman behind the wheel had the gall to look annoyed at ME. I should've just stood there and let her hit me, see how annoyed she would've been at paying my hospital bills. Ha!
Yesterday I bought my books for school. Luckily some of my books are Shakespeare plays which I can get at Powell's for under $3 a piece because my other books nearly broke the bank. One of them can't even be classified as a book because really it's just a stack of 3 hole punched papers with no binding or cover. Highway robbery I tell you, that "book" is just a stack of papers and not a "book" at all.
Wednesday night we finally got our icebugs and were able to practice dancing on the ice. However, since I was still sick I just basically stood on the ice and moved my arms around. I do not feel like I am prepared for the game tonight. Hopefully I manage ice better than everyday walking, because I manage to fall in my everyday walking adventures.


Lost and Found

The new roommate is all moved in. Well, mostly. She's still got a few things laying around. But I have to say...it's nice to have this place occupied again. It's felt so empty since Stephanie moved out. Plus it's been a good motivator for me to keep it clean. Also, it motivated me to clean my room which is good because it sure did need it. I sort of want to rearrange but that means cleaning under the bed and I'm not sure I'm ready for that quite yet. Under the bed is where my "important" papers go. I don't have a desk or really any drawer designated to my personal important papers so they all go under the bed...not a very good filing system but until I have something better that's what I do.
Things about me that sometimes I wish were different:

I have nightmares if I watch anything even remotely violent or scary. Last night I watched Dateline with the manfriend and had three separate nightmares last night that people were trying to kill me. I have had to give up many things I used to enjoy because of my overactive imagination, things like CSI/Law & Order and Suspense Novels of all sorts. However this can sometimes be a good thing because it also is true if I watch something like Harry Potter...I have dreams that I am magic. And those, those are GOOD dreams.

I am very sensitive. I get my feelings hurt very easily and on top of that I have a hard time letting go of things. I usually am upset until I feel like the person who hurt my tender feelings has suffered adequately. Really though, I usually wind up just hurting me more in the long run. There really is no upside to this personality flaw, but I am not sure how to fix it so I just try to move forward knowing this about myself.

Things about me that I would not change for a million dollars:

I am easily amused. It does not take much to entertain me, which means my life is generally entertaining and enjoyable. I laugh a lot, even at my own jokes. I think this little thing has helped keep me young.

I am a very trusting person, and trust people right away until they give me a reason not to. I know a lot of people who are opposite, who wait to trust until people prove they can be trusted and I think that's okay too, but they spend a lot of time not believing what is being said to them and doubting people. I think for me trusting is the best way to go.

I am very easy going, and usually am very good at going with the flow. Letting the knowledge that things will always work out calm me and move me forward. I don't have a lot of stress in my life because of this and I like that I am able to keep this attitude even when things get hard.


We had our first practice for Winterhawks on Wednesday night. It was so much fun, we just worked on a dance that we did at auditions, we also did across the floor which I hadn't done in sooo long. I had to concentrate so hard on making sure my body did what it was supposed to do.

Then...we were taught the end of the routine, and I swear it was the hardest thing I'd done all practice. All of us were falling over ourselves and laughing at how hard the moves were. The moves? Walking. In a pattern. Don't ask dancers to walk, it's hard.


Back to School

Today I spent ALL day at PSU at orientation. Some of it was useful information. Some of it was not. Some of it was clearly intended for people who are not very bright and should maybe not be returning to a college situation.
Information such as: learning how to use the Library. Seriously? Has someone made it through the public education system without learning how to use a library? All the filings even on computers now...you don't even have to search through drawers and drawers of information trying to find the book your looking for and where in the library it's going to be. Now that shit needed some explanation.
Another thing I really don't understand is when people ask the same question as the person in front of them. Slightly reworded, dressed as a new question...but the answer is the same...and then they act confused. I rolled my eyes at some of those people today.

Some good things about today were:
I got registered for classes! Class that I need, and more importantly classes that I am excited about. First year French, Shakespeare, and Human Development. I am also going to try to get late added to one more English class on the first day of school. Woohoo!

Another good thing was that I learned how to read my transcript form thingy and realized that I got really good grades when I went to college the last time. And I am shocked, because honestly I did not apply myself. At All. I did the opposite of apply myself. I had pages and pages of class "notes" with poems and letters written in the margins. There were classes that I consistently slept through, even more that I skipped, and even a couple that I never even opened the books for. What the hell? Now that I'm going to be actually trying to get good grades my brain better pull up and work for me.


I have a friend, who I met while I was his manager at 24 Hour Fitness, neither of us work there any longer but luckily our friendship has continued. Besides him making going to work worthwhile he has also sent me some of the most amazing texts I've ever read. I've saved almost all of them in case I ever need a laugh..but pretty soon I'm going to be getting a new phone.
So, I decided to put the texts online so that I can enjoy them for longer and so can everyone else. Most of the texts stand alone and need no explanation others I'll give a brief back story to.
We start all the way back in July 2008:

Fitness 24hours a day! Except on weekends, then they need to go somewhere else. I got stuff to do.

I never thought I'd have a job with a requirement of hourly dance parties. I think I'm officially brainwashed. (side note: that was only a requrement for him.)

did kyle show you the click click? (s.n.: we used to name the dance moves we created)
i knew it needed some work but i didn't want to hurt his feelings. he didn't even shake anything.
we can't hold it against him, how is he supposed to know if we don't teach him. let's just be encouraging for now, baby steps!

(About SYTYCD)
we should try out for next season! when mry murphy sees our shakes, we're gonna get our tickets to the hot tamale train!
toot toot! i love when her drinks kick in towards the end. my all time favorite was when she wasn't happy and said "that will get no scream from me tonight."

Ok I have to take a break from typing but will continue this later.


I'm a little stressed out today that I have to find a roommate. I thought I'd found someone, but nope. Then, I thought I found someone else but, again, nope. And then it happened again just today so I'm back at square one with just a few weeks left before October. How do the months go by so fast? Geez.

In the morning I get an I-pod touch. Super fancy. So, now I'll have a laptop AND a super fancy i-pod. Now all I need is a phone that actually works and I'll be pretty much all set in the electronics department.

Walking to the studio tonight I saw a guy dressed in head to two purple. From his purple full face ski mask all the way down to his purple shoes. He had on purple long sleeves and purple leggings. I tried not to stare, because that's probably what he was hoping for and I do not want to promote that sort of behavior. Because that sort of behavior is the sort that would freak me out if I was walking home by myself some night.


Since I've spent all of my life up until this point without a computer of my own there have been quite a few things that I've been busy doing online the past couple of days. Some of the things are pretty reasonable, like cleaning out the inboxes of my email accounts (yes multiple) and I have found a TON of emails that I really should have responded to. I bet there are a lot of people out there who are a little ticked off that I never wrote them back. Whoops.

Other things are not so important, like checking all the blog sites that I have found over the years and enjoy. I have also played some games that suck in way too much of my time.

I'm hoping that after a few days the thrill of having the internet right at my fingertips whenever I want it will die down so I can go back to the real world where people talk and interact with me.



I bought a new laptop today. My first computer of my very own and I love it. I looked for a long time to find a computer that would be good for what I need...mostly for school and to get on the internet. (Like what I'm doing now.)
I start school in just a few weeks and I'm so excited but also a little scared to go back to school again. What if my brain has turned to mush in the past eight years.