I'm a little stressed out today that I have to find a roommate. I thought I'd found someone, but nope. Then, I thought I found someone else but, again, nope. And then it happened again just today so I'm back at square one with just a few weeks left before October. How do the months go by so fast? Geez.

In the morning I get an I-pod touch. Super fancy. So, now I'll have a laptop AND a super fancy i-pod. Now all I need is a phone that actually works and I'll be pretty much all set in the electronics department.

Walking to the studio tonight I saw a guy dressed in head to two purple. From his purple full face ski mask all the way down to his purple shoes. He had on purple long sleeves and purple leggings. I tried not to stare, because that's probably what he was hoping for and I do not want to promote that sort of behavior. Because that sort of behavior is the sort that would freak me out if I was walking home by myself some night.

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