Back to School

Today I spent ALL day at PSU at orientation. Some of it was useful information. Some of it was not. Some of it was clearly intended for people who are not very bright and should maybe not be returning to a college situation.
Information such as: learning how to use the Library. Seriously? Has someone made it through the public education system without learning how to use a library? All the filings even on computers now...you don't even have to search through drawers and drawers of information trying to find the book your looking for and where in the library it's going to be. Now that shit needed some explanation.
Another thing I really don't understand is when people ask the same question as the person in front of them. Slightly reworded, dressed as a new question...but the answer is the same...and then they act confused. I rolled my eyes at some of those people today.

Some good things about today were:
I got registered for classes! Class that I need, and more importantly classes that I am excited about. First year French, Shakespeare, and Human Development. I am also going to try to get late added to one more English class on the first day of school. Woohoo!

Another good thing was that I learned how to read my transcript form thingy and realized that I got really good grades when I went to college the last time. And I am shocked, because honestly I did not apply myself. At All. I did the opposite of apply myself. I had pages and pages of class "notes" with poems and letters written in the margins. There were classes that I consistently slept through, even more that I skipped, and even a couple that I never even opened the books for. What the hell? Now that I'm going to be actually trying to get good grades my brain better pull up and work for me.

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