Some Things

I just finished reading "The Other Boleyn Girl" which I loved. But, it also made me realize that even though we live in a time where women are more in charge of their lives men still want or want to believe they can tell a woman what to do, and that because she is a woman she should do it. Take for example the incident while I was working out. That would never happen to a man, but because I'm a girl he thought it was acceptable to walk up to me and tell me how and what I should be doing. Over the past couple days I have had a few strange interactions with men, requests that I know would not be made if roles were reversed. It's put me on the slightly bitter side and also made me very glad that my head will nto be cut off for speaking out.
I am now going to move on to reading the third in the Vampire series I am reading. I still get just as easily get caught up in the story, but I can remind myself that it's fiction.

I am getting ready to go to the Oregon Coast for the next day and am really wishing that somehow southern California could send their weather on up for the weekend. It would be really great if I didn't have to see my breath anymore.


Next Time I'm going to wear a shirt that says "Piss off!"

I just got done working out, actually I didn’t really finish, I left the gym in a huff before even halfway done. I like being left alone when I’m working out, I don’t like being corrected. Mostly because, goddess of lifting weights, Stephanie has shown me how and I don’t really stray from what she tells me to do. So, I feel pretty good about what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. Tonight though some guy walked up and started in with critiques and acted like I should be thankful. I wasn’t. I rolled my eyes at him, which I realize is the opposite of nice but I don’t care. He then went over to some other guy and started telling him about it, about what I was doing wrong and how he told me to fix it. I think because I had my earphones in he thought I couldn’t hear him. Yeah? Well I could.
So, I’m wondering....why the hell is it ok for him to walk up and correct me? Was he expecting me to swoon and be thankful that such a strong man was helping me out? Would he ever dream of doing this to another guy working out? I really doubt it.
Anyhow, it made me leave because I feel self concious enough most of the time anyway and don’t need to feel like someone is judging and waiting to correct everything I’m doing. I wanted to punch his face.


Starting over

Things I sometimes like to write about:
The weather. Like for example today I was walking around and it smelled like spring. It was wonderful, but still freezing.
Tripping and other non-graceful type things. I do this more often than I should admit. I've lost toenails, sprained toes, and gotten scratches/bruises that I can't explain.
Boys. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not.
Books, music and other small things I love so they are big to me.
Mostly, if it's something in my life I'll probably like to write about it even if it's not interesting. I've kept blogs on here before, but deleted them and am now starting over. Springtime is everywhere. Hooray!