Starting over

Things I sometimes like to write about:
The weather. Like for example today I was walking around and it smelled like spring. It was wonderful, but still freezing.
Tripping and other non-graceful type things. I do this more often than I should admit. I've lost toenails, sprained toes, and gotten scratches/bruises that I can't explain.
Boys. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not.
Books, music and other small things I love so they are big to me.
Mostly, if it's something in my life I'll probably like to write about it even if it's not interesting. I've kept blogs on here before, but deleted them and am now starting over. Springtime is everywhere. Hooray!


Kareen Bailey said...

Oh, yeah! I can read all about you here and not wait for you to post on MySpace now. Plus, I can have FOUR friends now! :)

Kareen Bailey said...
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