Some Things

On Sunday I head to Portland for some days, and I get to see a lot of people that I've been missing terribly.
What I don't understand is how come this week is taking FOREVER to be done. Other weeks, weeks I don't care about, fly by almost as if they didn't happen. I mean I swear it went from September to December in two days and now this one week is lasting for years. It's just rude.

In other news I deleted my facebook account. I found that every time I got on there it just made me feel sad, depressed and lonely. Which I don't think is the appropriate reaction but since I couldn't stop it I decided to just remove the catalyst until I feel I can handle my emotions better.

Here are things that are making me happy today:
Coffee with Peppermint Mocha creamer
My Christmas tree, which still smells delicious
Finding out that 30 Rock will be back in January