It's been a while...

and sometimes when I wait so long between posts it can be quite daunting to know where to start. So, I'm starting with a post about food, because I love food. A lot. And I actually don't mind cooking when I get to do it with my boyfriend, who I actually love more than food.

I opened a cookbook Casey owns and found a recipe that I thought sounded delicious and manageable. I also decided that it would be extra delicious with chicken, Casey thought tomatoes would make it prettier so with those additional ingredients on the shopping list we headed to the store.

And then, because even though I'm starting to learn how to enjoy cooking its still rare enough that I thought I should document the process with pictures.

Here are the asparagus and garlic all chopped up and waiting their turn.

And the plate of delicious accoutrement that got added at the end. Salty and fatty prosciutto, smoked mozzarella, and fresh basil. Can you say YUM?

Here are the plates all finished and ready to eat. Casey also added some red pepper on top of his, but I am not crazy about spicy things so I skipped that added bonus ingredient.

Boyfriend loved it (although I'm not sure he'll love the picture.)
I loved dinner too, but even though I'm full to the brim I am still excited for this yummy array of dessert snacks! Trader Joes did the cooking for us on that part of dinner. Thanks TJ!

So there you go...I'm a chef, maybe not a master chef but I'm well on my way.