Crazy Cat Lady

Over chat sometime last week me and my favorite Ryan started talking about our love for all things Ani and Tori. Our obsessions became quite apparent and probably a little (ok a lot) overboard. After sharing multiple "favorite quotes" and youtube videos from both, Ryan made the comment that we were like crazy cat ladies except instead of collecting cats we collected people. Which made me laugh, and feel a little creepy, but then I realized it's probably true cause sometimes I talk about Tori or Ani like I know them personally, and I take very personal offense to anything negative said about either one...like crazy cat ladies do with their cat children.
Uh oh.


I wish there was video

Last night some of my family came to watch me dance at the Hockey game. It was fun to have them there, and since they were only staying in Portland for the one night I asked if I could leave with them before the end of the game to spend a little extra time with them. We had agreed that it would be easiest for me to come find them in their seats once I was done since I knew where they were sitting and I supposedly know my way around.
They were sitting on the 200 level, but the problem with getting there was that the elevator that had whisked them upstairs at the beginning of the game had been changed into down elevator to accommodate the rush of people that would be leaving shortly. So, I figured, no problem I know how to use regular stairs I use them all the time, I'll just take a set of regular stairs to the 200 level.
Except, none of the stairs I tried going up actually went to the 200 level, they bypassed that area and went straight to 300 level without even asking.
I was getting frustrated. How hard could be really to take ONE flight of stairs up to my family? I am not overflowing with patience so I went back to the down escalator gave it the once over and decided I could run up it. It wasn't moving that fast, and I'm (mostly) good at running up stairs. So, off I went, and it was going great. I was making progress, it was even hard at all, why hadn't I just done this to begin with?
And then? Then I got to the top. I was running and trying to leap of the final step but it kept pushing me back until...I fell. My bag fell over my head, my knees hit the ground and my shoes got a little bit chewed up by the teeth on the stairs. Graceful. I had to crawl the last little bit off, but I made it.