Thankful, day 3

Today I got to help my sister with my niece Abby's birthday party. She'd invited over 8 of her friends, they played games, split open a pinata, ate cupcakes, put on cute little owl masks, opened presents and other things that involved a lot of girl screaming and squealing.
I helped Kareen in the making of the owl masks, the decorating of the cupcakes and the bashing of the pinata.
After the party I went home for a little and then went over to babysit two of my other nieces, Katelyn and Marcela. We ate pizza, colored, played screaming games in Marcela's room while she jumped on and off the bed, I assisted in bathtime, and even got in a short snuggle session with both girls.

I am very thankful to be living by my family again after all these years. Being able to babysit and help with parties is so much fun.


If only it didn't cause pruny fingers

I have always enjoyed a really hot shower. The kind where the steam fills up the room and then comes billowing out behind you when you open the bathroom door. The best thing about my shower here is that it's instantly hot, none of that pesky "waiting for the water to heat up" time. Today I am thankful for that, for the ability to take a hot shower whenever I want, for as long as I want.


I wish I could be thankful for a fireplace

I am usually not a fan of starting one holiday before it's time - I think Thanksgiving gets passed over for the flashier and louder Christmas and I do not approve. But today I needed something to warm the cockles of my heart, and to do so I turned to music, Christmas music. Right now I'm listening to a holiday station on Pandora and it's doing just the job it was intended for.
Just because life doesn't look the way I thought it would at this point in my life doesn't mean I don't have things to be thankful for. I'm going to make it more of a point to focus on those things in hopes that by the time Christmas rolls around this year I'll have a lot less cockles that need warming.

Today I am thankful for:

Yes, I'm thankful for my cats. I take back all those words I said about me not being a pet person and admit that I was wrong. Last weekend they were both gone at the vet all day long and it was very lonely at my house, it made me realize that having these two little kitties in my life warded off a lot of loneliness without me even realizing it.


My Eyes!

So, dating and love has not been easy for me - I mean I tend to fall in love easily but it's the finding someone to stay in love with that has failed me. On a walk with my sister on Sunday we were talking about online dating and we both were talking about how "not for us" it was. But, then we also talked about how it might be the only way to meet new people so we thought that maybe if we did it together it might be more doable. I created for myself a profile on match. Can I just tell you how much I HATE filling out things about myself? I loathe it, as soon as I try to write about myself I become the most boring, un-witty person on the planet when really I am quite awesome.
Anyhow, I filled it out (sort of) and then started looking at the matches that were suggested for me. I realize even before I type what I'm about to type that it's going to sound mean and conceited but I'm going to say it anyway. I clicked on some of the photos of these guys and immediately wished I could undo the damage. Gah! My eyes, my EYES! I do not need to be with a model type (God knows I'm not the model type) but I would like to be with someone who sets my little heart a flutter. Come on internet, figure it out.


Slumber Party

A while ago I had Marcela over to spend the night. She got all the snacks ready, she pulled the bags of crackers out of their boxes, threw the boxes on the floor and put all the bags around her. We watched 'Over the hedge' which is super cute but held my attention for longer than it held hers.

So then we spent a long time playing with the "little kitty" and keeping the "big kitty" away from Marcela. The "big kitty" was not impressed with the additional person running around the house so keeping him away from her was in everyone's best interest.

At around 8:15 Marcela announced that it was bedtime, so we went to my room read some books and then cuddled up. My plan was to just cuddle with her until she fell asleep and then go back out into the living room and do some things like watch t.v., play on the internet, or read. What actually happened though was that I fell asleep and I have my suspicions that I was asleep before she was.

Marcela is coming over again tonight to spend the night and I'm so excited, she's so cute and sweet. I love getting to have her spend the night, being an aunt is fun.