Thankful, day 3

Today I got to help my sister with my niece Abby's birthday party. She'd invited over 8 of her friends, they played games, split open a pinata, ate cupcakes, put on cute little owl masks, opened presents and other things that involved a lot of girl screaming and squealing.
I helped Kareen in the making of the owl masks, the decorating of the cupcakes and the bashing of the pinata.
After the party I went home for a little and then went over to babysit two of my other nieces, Katelyn and Marcela. We ate pizza, colored, played screaming games in Marcela's room while she jumped on and off the bed, I assisted in bathtime, and even got in a short snuggle session with both girls.

I am very thankful to be living by my family again after all these years. Being able to babysit and help with parties is so much fun.

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