I am a pleasure

I love watching romantic comedies, it's my favorite genre even though I know what's going to happen. The predictability helps me enjoy the movie instead of having to feel stressed or anxious about the outcome. Watching a movie with even the slightest amount of suspense or action in it is not nearly as enjoyable. I get nervous and scared and entirely worked up. Usually I take small pieces of my hair and start braiding them. It's a good thing movies like that aren't longer otherwise there are a few points in my life where I would have been walking around with a head full of tiny tightly woven braids.
If ever you watch a non-romantic comedy movie with me don't sit too close. I might grab you, jump so high I spill water all over you (yes that happened in real life), or just turn and stare at you instead of the t.v. I also tend to talk a lot during movies that stress me out, which calms me down but undoubtedly annoying to everyone else.



I missed a day, but maybe that's okay because growing up Sunday was always a "day of rest" anyhow.
The other day Kareen was coming to pick me up for errands and other things, around the time I thought she'd be getting here she called to say all the streets leading to my house were blocked off by police cars. I looked out my front door and could see across to the church parking lot where there were a lot of people/cars in the parking lot so I suggested maybe I could get over there and she could pick me up there instead. Except for then we both thought about it and if there are police cars blocking roads maybe something scary was happening. So I shut the door, locked it and made sure my back door was locked as well. Then I got super scared because what if a bad guy was hiding out on my back porch? Should I make a run for it? Should I yell out to a policeman and have him come search my house and then escort me out? I'd worked myself up into quite a frenzy when Kareen called me back to let me know that they were blocking the streets for a funeral procession.

My powers of imagination and exaggeration are alive and kicking.


Good memories were made

Last night I went to happy hour with Kareen and Erica. It seemed like a good idea when we got there to sit outside, that way we could enjoy the view and it didn't seem too hot. We were WRONG!
It is too hot to sit outside when you sweat through your dress and have to worry about a sweat soaked booty when you stand up. I had to pull up the outer layer of the dress I was wearing (also I had on booty shorts so things weren't x rated) and Erica had to alternate between sitting on a hip so her undercarriage could get some air.



I just got home from an epic pool/sunbathing session with Erica. I don't know if the sun did something to my brain but I suddenly had the realization that I'm ready to have a crush. Like a giddy, butterflies in my stomach, have a reason to get gussied up type crush.

So, there it is universe. Bring it on.



I wonder what I'd write if I wrote here every day? Maybe some good things, undoubtedly some pointless things. Anyway I'm going to try it. I'll commit to a month for now and see how that goes.

Today I'm going to talk about my two brothers who will both be getting married in the next year. My brother Paul proposed to his girlfriend (now fiance) before we went on vacation. He didn't say anything to us the entire time because they agreed they wanted to tell us together and she wasn't able to come with him. He's been with Cassie for a couple years now (maybe more, I'm bad at keeping track) and I really like her. Since announcing their engagement they've both been around more so I've gotten to know her even more, she'll be a good addition. They are getting married 3/3/12.
Ken has been with his girlfriend Emily for almost a couple years as well. They are not engaged but apparently they already have a wedding date set for May. So maybe they're pre-engaged? I don't know all I know is that she was able to come to Priest Lake with us this year and I'm so glad she was because that girl is cute and super sweet. It is weird to see little Ken with a girlfriend, holding her hand, kissing her, walking with his arm around her...weird.

So, I love when people are happy, especially people I love. But as the big sister it's becoming a little more difficult to muster up all the excitement they deserve because I'm a little bit jealous. There, I said it. It's not pretty and I'm not proud of it but it's there. I don't want them to not get married or stop being happy with their person, but...couldn't I have found mine first? And now I'm going to go pout in the corner with my blanket.



This is my little house

Here is the view from my front porch.

This is my vegetable garden.

These are some very baby zucchini

And the cutest baby tomatoes you ever did see.

I don't care how many positive adjectives you use...I'm still not buying it

I was on craigslist looking for things I want here for my new place. One of those things happen to be curtains for my living room and bedroom, so I typed "curtains" into the search box. Do you know what came up? Shower curtains. People selling shower curtains on craigslist. Why does this gross me out? Probably because it seems about a step up from buying underwear on craigslist.


Summer Reading Program

Since turning the page on this new chapter in my life I have literally been turning the pages of book after book after book.
I have been here in this new life for a little over a month and so far I have read these books:

Which was good, and made me cry, and made me want to knit like a maniac although I didn't, I just continued to read instead.

Then I started on a run of chick-lit novels which were predictable, cute and only rarely made me feel mad or jaded which is good. They were perfect companions to the sunshine I was reading them in. If I had to recommend one over the others it would be Twenties Girl.

The cover of Godmother makes it look like it might be scary or creepy - not at all like what is actually happening on the inside which contains fairy's and magic. And also a few tears.
Someone at some point had already told me about Me&Emma (which I won't do) but it didn't stop me from wanting to read the book or get to know this sweet little main character.
I'd waited a long time to read this book. I knew that people I knew loved it, couldn't put it down...but that's about all I knew about it. I too could not put it down. In fact I was a big giant nerd one day and read it while I was walking home from the bus.
I finished reading this book just moments ago and it was....beautiful. I'm not sure if that's exactly the right word, but it's the best I can do. It too made me cry (apparently I cry over books a lot).
Finally, there was Bossypants which I want to recommend to everyone! Tina Fey is hilarious and awesome and I wish I could be her friend.

I'm not sure what I'm going to read next. It might be The Girl who Played with Fire I'll decide after I go put on my bikini.