I am a pleasure

I love watching romantic comedies, it's my favorite genre even though I know what's going to happen. The predictability helps me enjoy the movie instead of having to feel stressed or anxious about the outcome. Watching a movie with even the slightest amount of suspense or action in it is not nearly as enjoyable. I get nervous and scared and entirely worked up. Usually I take small pieces of my hair and start braiding them. It's a good thing movies like that aren't longer otherwise there are a few points in my life where I would have been walking around with a head full of tiny tightly woven braids.
If ever you watch a non-romantic comedy movie with me don't sit too close. I might grab you, jump so high I spill water all over you (yes that happened in real life), or just turn and stare at you instead of the t.v. I also tend to talk a lot during movies that stress me out, which calms me down but undoubtedly annoying to everyone else.

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