I missed a day, but maybe that's okay because growing up Sunday was always a "day of rest" anyhow.
The other day Kareen was coming to pick me up for errands and other things, around the time I thought she'd be getting here she called to say all the streets leading to my house were blocked off by police cars. I looked out my front door and could see across to the church parking lot where there were a lot of people/cars in the parking lot so I suggested maybe I could get over there and she could pick me up there instead. Except for then we both thought about it and if there are police cars blocking roads maybe something scary was happening. So I shut the door, locked it and made sure my back door was locked as well. Then I got super scared because what if a bad guy was hiding out on my back porch? Should I make a run for it? Should I yell out to a policeman and have him come search my house and then escort me out? I'd worked myself up into quite a frenzy when Kareen called me back to let me know that they were blocking the streets for a funeral procession.

My powers of imagination and exaggeration are alive and kicking.

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