Kids these days

Yesterday it was in the low 90's here, and it felt coolish. I put on my bikini, took my book out into the backyard and laid out for a couple hours. It was glorious I tell you. Hot, but not smothering. While I was out there yesterday I found myself wishing that I could lay out all year long, but I don't really mean it. I love the seasons. And if it stayed warm all year I'd have no excuse to use the fire pit in my backyard. I just need to learn how to start a fire without having to use half a phone book as "kindling".

Tonight I'm headed to my first high school football game as a coach. I'm excited to watch the girls perform under the lights, it's their first school performance of the year and I know they're all super crazy excited about it. I have a feeling though that I'm going to have to restrain myself from reprimanding kids about their choice of clothing. The other day I was walking up to the school as it was letting out for the day and I could not believe some of the things those kids were wearing. Shorts so short that lady parts are barely covered up? Not appropriate.

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Drew Mayes said...

LOL, you sound old and grouchy!