Slumber Party

A while ago I had Marcela over to spend the night. She got all the snacks ready, she pulled the bags of crackers out of their boxes, threw the boxes on the floor and put all the bags around her. We watched 'Over the hedge' which is super cute but held my attention for longer than it held hers.

So then we spent a long time playing with the "little kitty" and keeping the "big kitty" away from Marcela. The "big kitty" was not impressed with the additional person running around the house so keeping him away from her was in everyone's best interest.

At around 8:15 Marcela announced that it was bedtime, so we went to my room read some books and then cuddled up. My plan was to just cuddle with her until she fell asleep and then go back out into the living room and do some things like watch t.v., play on the internet, or read. What actually happened though was that I fell asleep and I have my suspicions that I was asleep before she was.

Marcela is coming over again tonight to spend the night and I'm so excited, she's so cute and sweet. I love getting to have her spend the night, being an aunt is fun.

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Gina Dickman said...

cute new background! Have fun :)