Next Time I'm going to wear a shirt that says "Piss off!"

I just got done working out, actually I didn’t really finish, I left the gym in a huff before even halfway done. I like being left alone when I’m working out, I don’t like being corrected. Mostly because, goddess of lifting weights, Stephanie has shown me how and I don’t really stray from what she tells me to do. So, I feel pretty good about what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. Tonight though some guy walked up and started in with critiques and acted like I should be thankful. I wasn’t. I rolled my eyes at him, which I realize is the opposite of nice but I don’t care. He then went over to some other guy and started telling him about it, about what I was doing wrong and how he told me to fix it. I think because I had my earphones in he thought I couldn’t hear him. Yeah? Well I could.
So, I’m wondering....why the hell is it ok for him to walk up and correct me? Was he expecting me to swoon and be thankful that such a strong man was helping me out? Would he ever dream of doing this to another guy working out? I really doubt it.
Anyhow, it made me leave because I feel self concious enough most of the time anyway and don’t need to feel like someone is judging and waiting to correct everything I’m doing. I wanted to punch his face.

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Kareen Bailey said...

Maybe he would of got the hint if you would of just flexed! Can't wait to spend the weekend with you soon - Portland here we come! :) Claire is really going to be starting girls weekends early!