Things that have gone on recently:

Thursday I was finally feeling better after feeling sick all week. So, as a celebration I decided to walk to the studio to take Evie's delightful Burly-Q class. I made it about 5 blocks before I almost got hit by a car. Which, would have been WAY worse than being sick. I've joked in the past about "almost getting hit" I've "almost been hit" by a bike, motorized wheelchair, and other cars...However, this time I am seriously serious. I had to run and jump out of the way and yet, even though I had the right of way (I was crossing at a cross walk, with the little walk symbol encouraging me forward) the woman behind the wheel had the gall to look annoyed at ME. I should've just stood there and let her hit me, see how annoyed she would've been at paying my hospital bills. Ha!
Yesterday I bought my books for school. Luckily some of my books are Shakespeare plays which I can get at Powell's for under $3 a piece because my other books nearly broke the bank. One of them can't even be classified as a book because really it's just a stack of 3 hole punched papers with no binding or cover. Highway robbery I tell you, that "book" is just a stack of papers and not a "book" at all.
Wednesday night we finally got our icebugs and were able to practice dancing on the ice. However, since I was still sick I just basically stood on the ice and moved my arms around. I do not feel like I am prepared for the game tonight. Hopefully I manage ice better than everyday walking, because I manage to fall in my everyday walking adventures.

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gina bolina said...

Im glad you survived and are feeling better!!!