Some geeky facts about me

-I like to spend entire weekends/days watching Lord of the Rings, and/or Harry Potter
-I love to read, and have even tried to keep reading while walking down the street. I also can be found reading at all hours of the night if I'm really into a book
-I discovered I enjoy knitting a few years ago, and even though I still only knit scarves, it makes me happy
-I wish I could be magic. Like the Harry Potter kind of magic. 

I don't think I necessarily look like a geek (except for when I wear my glasses) so I think it surprises people when they find out the geeky things about me. 

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ktownDNCR said...

When I read this I laughed...because remember the time when we tried out for Lumberjax and you told the interview people that you wished you could be magic?? HAHAH...everyday I miss you.