Desperately wishing for a maid

I decided to clean today, I started in the front of the house with the Library and have been trying to make my way through every room. I was fairly efficient with Library and Living Room, slowed down a little by the time I got to Kitchen and my room and have now come to a stand still before the Bathroom and Dressing Room. I am telling myself I'll just take a short break and then tackle the rest...but I'm dangerously close to not getting up off the couch.

My only motivation at this point is that I told the boy that I would have the whole house cleaned by the time he got here tonight, and if I don't then I know he's gonna give me a hard time about it. And I really hate having to hear from him what a mess my place is. I've been hearing about how messy I am my whole life, I have never been tidy...and I might never be. (shhh, don't tell him)

Also I'm pretty sure all my neighbors have gotten a pretty good show since I raised all the blinds and have been dancing around the entire time.

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