Exciting news!

I know that maybe I'm a little more into my family than some people, and that everyone who isn't my family probably gets tired of hearing all my stories about my nieces and nephews...but I can't help it. And, something that's exciting for me is that my brother Kyle and his wife are going to be having a baby in June (their first) and today they found out that they are having a girl. I get to be an aunt again for a new little baby for one of my other siblings. I want to call everyone I know, but I can't imagine that anyone will care as much as I do.

Hooray new baby girl!!!


gina bolina said...

OOOO YEA!! little marcella is gonna be a doll!!

Martinez Family said...

I will be excited with you! My sister is also having her first baby and she just found out she is having a boy. Congrats!