Just Dance

I love dancing for the lumberjax, and yes lacrosse is a fun game to watch but....look...I get to wear sparkles. And lots of them. Mostly all the things we wear involve sparkles of some sort, we have red, gold, and silver, in dresses, shorts, tops and even jackets. Also, this year we've gotten to do a lot of photoshoots, and I love doing photoshoots...especially in fun little outfits. 
My sister's used to make fun of me for putting curlers in my hair to get ready for dance stuff, and while I don't still use curlers to get ready for dance I do put on a lot of make up and make my hair as big as possible.
Today though, I look very different from the sparkly girl who's ready to perform. Today, is my one day off this week and I of course am spending it in sweats on my couch. I am doing laundry (I only have two loads left) cleaning the kitchen, dressing room and my room (so far I've gotten part way through the kitchen) watching French Kiss (which reminds me of Rachael) and shopping for sheets online (my bed is a freak size so they don't sell the sheets I need in stores.) Later today I am going to go to the gym and work out. It will be my first time since I hurt my neck two and a half weeks ago, it's sad cause I can already tell I've lost some muscle. I even had a dream about being weak last night. Booo! I'm also hoping that after working out I have enough ambition to get myself up to go tanning...it is a lot of work to keep myself from looking see through out on the field.
It's a busy Wednesday here in Jilland.

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