Mmmmm, foods

Something is driving me crazy lately. Here's an example:

Why should I regret eating a cookie? I never regret eating cookies, I never regret eating two or three cookies. You know what I do regret? Running, I regret running. Every. Single. Time. It leaves me feeling broken and much older than I actually am for days afterwards. I think it's the wrong sort of message to send as a form of motivation. You shouldn't have to deny yourself things you really love, that is no way to live life.
The quote that drives me the most crazy though is this one:

People who think that this is true is clearly not eating the right types of food. And if you're denying yourself all the food you really love and enjoy eating then being skinny won't be enjoyable at all.

Why is the motivations circulating out there all about denying yourself the foods you love? It drives me absolutely insane, just eat the things you love to eat (in moderation) and get up and move more than you have in the past. I will never be a size 4, and I am happy with that because I enjoy eating and I enjoy life and stressing out all the time about spending enough time in the gym working out isn't worth it to me.

I realize that I could avoid these quotes that make me want to punch the computer by not browsing on pinterest, but that isn't going to be possible so I'm just going to vent and then try to get over it.


Ms. Kyla said...

OMG - now I want a cookie! Lets dance!

Gina Dickman said...

I agree!! pretty sure when Im old and done caring about anything, Im not going to be regretting eating a few cookies. And why should I, they're delicious!