People are Stupid

I live next door to my aunt, a couple weekends ago she had a yard sale. Some of the big stuff that didn't sale (trashily enough) is still sitting in the yard under tarps. I'm afraid that those things are going to stay there all winter long and I'm going to have to work up the nerve to say something snarky to my aunt like "so, are you hoping those things just get stolen out there or what?"
That's not what I want to write about, well not only that. Let me explain to you first that my little house sits on a little plot of land, but the yard is clearly marked off with a wood fence and there are not any miscellaneous items in it, nothing that could be mistaken for yard sale items. Unless someone wants to buy my struggling rose bushes. My aunt's house next door (which used to be my grandma and grandpa's house) has a very large yard which is also marked off by a wooden fence. In between our two yards is a fairly wide gravel driveway. Is anyone confused yet as to which yard has the garbage yard sale stuff in it? No? Well then good for you, you are clearly smarter than the average idiot.
About twice a week for the past couple weeks people have pulled into the gravel driveway between the houses and when deciding which house to walk to in order to inquire about the really awesome stuff in the yard they somehow choose mine. Think about that for a second....there is a house sitting on the plot of land with all the goodness and yet these geniuses decide to go to the house with it's very own, very clean yard. When they come to the door and I have to tell them the obvious, that the stuff belongs to the house over there, they always look at me with a blank stare as if I've said something confusing.
That's not the end of it though. I've spent a little bit of time on my front porch and I had to stop because every single time I sat out there someone would stop and ask about "my" stuff in the yard. Do you want to know what I say to those people? "That stuff belongs to the house over there, that's not my yard." And then I berate them in my head for being such big idiots.
Some people are annoying.