Wishing and hoping

What if you suddenly had everything you'd wished for? How do you imagine you would feel? Excited, thankful, amazed? Do you think you might feel empty or disappointed?
I think we need our dreams and our wishes to keep us imagining and hoping. And I think, especially after listening to this week's pod club pick, sometimes it's better to not know what it's like to have the things we wish for because it's the imagining that's the fun part. And if we happen to get one of the things we spent so much time wishing for and it's not what we believed it would be isn't that more disappointing than never having the thing in the first place? And then there's no turning back, you can't go back to the time before your dream of the wish was shattered.
I make wishes all the time and if one of these days those wishes come true I will find something new to wish for. Not because I won't be thankful that I have the thing I wished for but because I believe it's important to have the magic of that feeling. I like to share personal feelings and thoughts in my responses but I am superstitious about wishes and I believe that a wish should be between yourself and the thing you are wishing upon.

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