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Dear Diary,
Today is Sunday 7, 1991. Today was General Conferance. We watched on the big screen in the morning and we went to nanny and papas house at 1:00. Yesterday the it was daylight saving time. so we lost an hour. I guess. I really don't know! Last Sunday was Easter Sunday. I got really bord there was nothing to do in our dresses. the next day my Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, cousin and I went to Eagle Crest. It was really fun! There was a Sports Center and a swimgpool  and hot tub and sauna. We went on a hike too. One bad thing happened. (pg 2) I got sick on Wendsday! I was really board all day I read two books though! With 247 pages or more in them. I got better by the next day though for until 7:00. Then I wuldn't got to the wallyball game. I had the flu but didn't throw up. Wallyball is when you can hit a wall to make it go over.
Wow my second page I really had a spaz in writing I guess today huh!
Guess what I still like Preston alot. He is so cute and funny and he smiles alot. I don't see (pg 3) why other people don't like him to. I only know one other person who likes him Michelle.
Paul just turned of the light so i can't see well. Better stop. Talk tomorrow!

I had a cow I guess. I wrote 3 pages

There are a lot of sentences in this entry that I don't really know about... apparently spelling/grammar/sentence structure really got thrown out the window that day. Probably because I was spazzing out having a cow.

I got to hold Chloe for a long time tonight at dinner. Mostly because her mom was playing a game in the other room so it was easy to distract her. Anytime Stefani is in the same room or in earshot of this darling that is where Chloe wants to be. We read stories and looked at fish and played with fuzzy toys and did lots of general cuddling. 

Ever since putting up the Christmas tree Elliot likes to go under there and sleep. It reminds me of when I was a little kid and loved sleeping under the tree in a sleeping bag. Emma has other ideas with the tree...ideas that involve her trying to jump into the center of it or pulling all the decorations off.

But, she's super sweet and cute and stuff so I can't get too upset with her even when she knocks the tree over or unwinds the ribbon in the middle of the night. Seriously, I can not even get over how she sleeps with her little paw all curled over her face like that

The other night we had a family dinner/birthday party and I spent most of my time playing with the little girls. But I doubt you can blame me, they are cute and funny. That little cutie Claire, over there, was tired so she let me hold her and cuddle her for a really long time. Usually she doesn't stop moving long enough for me to get in a short little squeeze. Katelyn is usually always my girl but her deal is that she rarely

stops moving long enough for me to get a picture of her. So this one of her in the baby crib was snapped right before she launched herself out and on to something else. She is starting to talk up a storm and all the words that come out of her little face are cute and hilarious and sweet. Tonight she thought Abby's painted toe-nails were "ouchies" so she kissed Abby's little toes to make them feel better. 

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Rachael said...

Wow I'm totally spazzing out and having a cow right now over all the wonderful pictures and sharing of your days! In blog world, I believe it counts as three pages. Emma needs to stop sleeping like that so she doesn't get hugged to death.