We're all crazy

Maybe we all try to hide our crazy, or we find one or two people we are comfortable enough around that we show exactly who we are - even all the crazy...but either way, we're all crazy.
This week's pod club pick was from a new podcast to me and I have to say, Love + Radio has become a new favorite for me. The brilliance of this particular podcast really hit me about half-way through when all the jumping from story to story made me think "oh my god, I feel like I'm going crazy."

Most of us won't reach the level of "crazy" that requires us to be on medication or stay in an institution but I think all of us can think to some time where our actions, when looking back on them, were a little insane.

Adjective: 1. In a state of mind that prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction;
                     seriously mentally ill.
                2. (of an action or quality) Characterized or caused by madness.

By that definition I have had a number of acts in insanity. At the same time I feel like I have also experienced some behavior that was directed towards me that was, by definition, insane. I don't feel right about revealing other people on the internets but I will tell you the things that I do, or used to do, that I think are a little crazy or might make people think I'm crazy:

I'll start back when I was younger: I used to play a game with my sister called "Super Sleuth 2000." We played it in the year (yup, you guessed it) 2000 and we would drive around to the houses of guys we liked and spy on them.
Along that same vein in college I used to skip classes to walk past the rooms where my crushes were taking class so that I could, hopefully, catch a glimpse of them, plus I would write bad, and dramatic poetry and leave it on their windshield.
Definitely the times where I have felt the most insane have revolved around boys....they bring out the crazy. And keep me coming back for more.
Lately I think the think that makes me look crazy to people in public is the fact that I listen to podcasts which cause me to smile and laugh, or even sometimes cry, randomly and often.
I used to think that the way my  mind jumped from one thing to another was a little crazy but I've found out a lot of people's minds do the exact same thing, and they too wind up blurting out things seemingly out of no where...so now I feel like that is a normal crazy thing.
Also maybe a little crazy is that as a "grown-up" woman I have had to make a chore chart for myself and come up rewards for myself if I actually do my chores.

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Rachael said...

you are not grown up...and i hope you never will be!