Maybe I haven't changed much since I was 11

Dear Diary, 
     Today was such a sad day. It was my first day at school without my best friend Wendy. She is down in Frezno, California already. I cried myself to sleep last night till 10:30! She gets to come back in May though! Kind long away still! I'm so sad because she was my very best friend.
     I don't like Jermey anymore! Part of the reason is because he got the dumbest haircut in the whole  world! He lookes like Ben! I like Preston now. He's so cute and nice! Well catch you later.
See ya

Wow, there's a lot of information going on here in this short diary entry. I can still remember this time in my life when Wendy moved away and even though I don't specifically remember staying up until the wee hours of 10:30pm(!) crying, I can remember that first lesson in having someone I cared about move away. From an early age I loved my friends dearly though I am glad that these days distance does not mean an end to best-friendness. To go along with that it does not seem I picked "boy friends" the same way. I mean, who knows? If Jeremey had not gotten the dumbest haircut in the whole world perhaps I would still be crushing on him from afar today...but probably not because I google'd him and time has not been kind, his haircut has not improved.

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