Tricking myself into chores.

Today I need to clean my house. Not just a little bit..a lot. But I get bored with this task very easily. Therefore I have create "rewards" for myself. Like: if you clean for twenty minutes straight then you can take an internet break or if you get all your dishes washed and put away you can take a dance break. Bigger chores have bigger rewards. Cleaning/vacuuming my mattress gives me permission to buy a fancy smelling candle when I go to the store later. I need these rewards otherwise I would easily give up mid-way through a chore and my house would never be clean. I like leaving in a clean house, I hate cleaning it. Probably if I were magic I would not hate chores as much because it would be fun to say spells and have my things clean themselves. However, I have been wishing to magic for many many years now and so far I haven't seen the slightest hint that my wish is going to be granted. Being a muggle is boring.
So far I have earned:
This computer break
A smelly-good candle
Two dance breaks
Wine or Vodka
Kitty play break
My house is getting there and I need to go to the store before it starts raining. During my walk I am going to finish listening to the ghost stories for this week's pod club. I have thoughts and stories of my own to share but in the meantime let me just say this: I don't think that guy is very good at reading stories. Sorry dude, I know it's your job but you need to be better at it.

Do any of you give yourself rewards for doing chores? Or am I alone in this too?

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Rachael said...

I always reward myself with a glorious bubble bath after cleaning the bathroom even though it just starts that ring around the tub all over again. Totally worth it.