Please be careful with me...

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I've known for a long time that I am a sensitive soul, or as some like to say "dramatic" and I've believed it's something I might need to change about myself. I get my feelings hurt really easily, I cry over commercials and even sitcoms or the occasional (read:every) Disney movie, more than once a song or watching dance makes me tear up, and I even sometimes realize I'm about to cry in situations where no one else seems affected - on the other hand I have a big temper that I have worked very hard over the years to control because yelling and nastiness is hurtful and can't really ever be taken back. I've learned that some people are completely okay with me and all my waterworks, and that others will hold it against me and believe that they can write me off because I'm "just overly sensitive."   But then tonight I ran across this article and I felt like I needed to share it because maybe there are other sensitive people out there who may also like to know that being sensitive actually means we are actually pretty awesome and that we should never ever feel the need to apologize or make excuses for who we are or what we feel.

What being highly sensitive is NOT:
1. Emotionally immature
2. Self-centered
3.Unpredictable and unstable emotions
4. Over-dependent
5. Demanding and attention thirsty

Characteristics of highly sensitive people:
1. Have great imagination
2. Have great intellectual abilities
3. Are creative
4. Have a curious mind
5. Are hard workers
6. Are good problem solvers
7. Are extremely conscious and compassionate
8. Are intuitive, caring, and spiritual
9. Have a strong sense of aesthetic awareness
10. Respect nature, art, and music greatly
11. Have profound and intense sensations
12. Can access important information from the unconscious mind
13. Have a depth of understanding and feelings
14. Are objective and can see the bigger picture

I learned a lot about myself while reading this article and it couldn't have come to me at a better time.

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Rachael said...

thank you! you know i own a book called The Highly Sensitive Person...it's so good.