Let's go back in time

Best Friend, blog writer extraordinaire, and general life inspiration Rachael has started this thing on her wonderful blog where she posts pages from her old diaries. And because I too have been a diary keeper my entire life I am going to copy her. Imitation is a form of flattery right? Hopefully, plus I think it will be fun to go back through the diaries I have and let you in on the journey as well. First off, here is a picture of the exterior of my first diary:
Diary #1
Pretty right? Very Victorian and proper - fitting for a young girl in her preteens. And now, here is the very first entry: (I know that I started keeping a diary before this but I don't know where those ones are...this is the first one in my possession.)
I loved cursive.
Dear Diary,
It's January 1, 1991. I got you for Christmas 1990. My Grandma and Grandpa gave you to me. I am eleven years old and in April I will be 12. Some of my goals this year are try to be nice to everyone, to try to keep keep my room clean, and to make my bed every morning. I'm reading Black Beaty right now and it's very good. I really like horses now. The book is kind of weird because it wrote by the horses point of view. Tomorrow we go back to school I can hardly wait to see my friends again!
See ya

I can tell you right now I failed at all three of those goals I set for myself. I was an 11 almost 12 year old girl who sometimes got left to babysit her younger brothers and sisters...I was not always nice to them and I'm assuming they would be a part of the "everyone". As far as keeping my room clean and making my bed every morning? That really is quite laughable, I probably failed that one by the very next day.

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