Pod Club: Fear Thy Nature

Sorry for the late posting today but better late than never right? You still have plenty of time to join in for the week. The podcast picked for this week is from a few weeks ago and is only slightly over a half hour. If you've been waiting for a shorter to podcast to join in with, here it is.

The episode is about how profoundly human behavior is influenced not only by our inner bearing but by our outer circumstances.

I promise this is worth a listen and I bet it also causes you to have some thoughts about your actions. 

This past week our pod club expanded by one to include Rachael's sister Leah. Please go read what she had to say about last week's podcast and stay tuned to read both their insights later in the week. As always I encourage you to play along and then write somewhere (here in a comment, on your very own blog, on someone else's blog...) what you're thinking feeling about what we listen to.

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