Awesome Impostor

What kind of things do we "get away" with on a daily basis? Little things, big things, things in between...it doesn't matter all of us have lied/fibbed/tricked our ways into (or out of) situations. I can't say that I personally have done anything as large scale as any of the features on this weeks pod club pick but it did make me think of all the little ways over my life I've gotten away with something. And also the feelings that go along with it. Sometimes being able to pull something off feels amazing - like back in high school when I was supposed to be grounded until after the New Year but got to have a friend spend the night over Christmas break BEFORE new years eve. We felt like rock stars - even though, now that I'm older and can look back I'm sure my parents knew what they were doing and decided I'd been grounded long enough (since August) and had listened to enough of my whining and complaining. At the time though I really felt like I'd pulled one over on my parents and it was AWESOME! Or when I was a poor college student and would buy One student ticket for a movie but sneak into two or three - Extra movies for the price of One? Fantastic feeling! Or how about getting hired to be a choreographer for a show choir when I've never done anything like that before but faking my way through and realizing I pulled it off? Feels freakin' brilliant!
But, I think there can be another feeling that can come after you make it through a situation unscathed, a feeling of being an impostor. I can recall feeling that way a few times, like when getting a paper back with an "A" on top after just throwing it together last minute, or like when I tried out for Boise State's dance team out of peer pressure and then made it...I felt like an impostor for a year and half basically or in a really bad example when I used "translate" while writing french papers...definitely an impostor french writer here.

I've gotten away with a lot of little things over the years, some in-between things, and maybe I have some big things to get away with left in my future...

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