You need plays

Dear Diary, 
Today was Saturday 5, 1991. Today I woke up and made pankaces it very fun. Then we cleaned the downstairs, and we had to clean our rooms. Then nothing happened until 4:05 when Chauntel got to come over. I forgot I had a game today at 10:10 but I tell you about it now we played the other Highlands team. They won 23-4! Me and Holly are the only good ones on the team! Our coach is such an airhead! I don't think he knows that to Basketball you need plays! He's so stupid. I HATE him so much. 
See ya,

Oh boy, I was one of the only good ones on the team? Well then it's no wonder we lost by such a wide margin. In fact it's a wonder we scored at all, that must have been all Holly since we can all assume the coach had nothing to do with it because he was clearly an airhead.

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Rachael said...

o man this is awesome.

to basketball you need plays!