Where's the delete button for my mouth?

Sometimes I worry I say the wrong thing or a stupid thing and then I obsess over it for days and days. I think back over the words, hear how they sounded coming out of my mouth and regret it more and more and more. I even do this with emails, words I've typed out, words that I should have taken the time to think about before sending them out into the world. But, either way, they are words that can't be taken back or changed once they're set loose from my mouth (or fingers), once they are heard (or read) I must take responsibility for them. Did I sounds stupid, mean, rude, ridiculous? Probably all of those things at some point or another.

At this very  moment I am obsessing over an email I sent a couple nights ago, one that I haven't gotten a response back from yet and I'm wondering if it's because I offended the reader. Did I overstep my bounds? Do I need to send a follow up email to clear the air or say I'm sorry? I don't know...so instead I just rehash the words and consider all the different ways they could have been taken and used against me.

It's at times like this when I wish I could go back in time and stop myself before making a fool of myself, before doing this:
Though I doubt I look quite so cute with my foot in my mouth.

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