So realistic

Girls in movies do it, girls in tv shows do it...yet I don't know if any girl in real life has actually pulled it off so smoothly... 
They wake up naked in bed, in any place other than their own house and need to go find whoever left them so rudely alone in bed. They roll out of bed while simultaneously grabbing the top sheet to cover them up, by the time they are standing they are covered and sexily wrapped.

Here are my issues with this scenario:
a) who actually has a top sheet on their bed?
b) if there is indeed a top sheet isn't there a comforter/quilt/blanket as well? and wouldn't said blanket be on top of the sheet thereby making it difficult to slide the sheet out by itself?
c) are there no clothes around for those girls to put on real quick like? like even a t-shirt from the person she was just in bed with?

Yes, I realize that movies and tv are NOT real life but that does not mean I can't get annoyed by it.

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