How do you wish?

Do you wish upon a star, do you wait for the clock to read 11:11 and then wish upon the time, do you hold your breath through tunnels silently repeating your wish over and over until you are through, do you pick a dandelion and scatter the seeds with your wish into the breeze, or do you (like me) do all of these things as often as possible?

I've always been a "wisher" and a firm believer in never telling anyone what I've wished for, especially over birthday candles. Those wishes only happen once a year, they are extra special. Never mind the fact that none of my wishes have actually come true, I still make them and I still believe that they are out there somewhere figuring out how to come back and make all my dreams come true. They're just waiting for the right time, I mean to come true right after I wished for them would be a little too obvious don't your think? Wishes have to be more subtle than that.

I'm not sure what got me thinking about wishes today, but I keep finding little ways to make them and if I could share them with you I would. But I can't, otherwise they will know and they'll never come true.

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