On being Awesome

Something I've had for a while now, started with good friend Stephanie, is my "I'm Awesome List." The theory behind this is simple, it's a list of all the reasons for which I am Awesome. For some reason it's easier to believe the negative words that are hurled at us either from ourselves, others, or even the media. So anytime I actually start believing those things I can reference my "Awesome List" and remind myself of all the good things I bring to the table.
Last week during my "adult" contemporary class (adult in quotation marks because all the people in class that day were high school age) I stopped to have a chat with my students about confidence and self-esteem. The dance we were doing required a certain level of badassness and ferociousness; I could tell these girls were a little scared of what I was asking of them so I took myself back to what if felt like being me at that age and realized what I was asking them to do was bigger than just dancing. I told them all about my theory on creating an "Awesome List" and told them they should all create one. We danced for a little longer and then I let them go. This week they were noticeably better at the dance, part of this can be contributed to being more familiar to the music but I could tell it was more that that. So I checked in with them, and sure enough almost all of them had gone home to create a "reasons why I'm Awesome" list. I was so proud and inspired.

I was inspired to revisit my Awesome list, to recreate one for myself soooo.....Here it is for you, my friends, my Awesome List

I'm Awesome Because...

  • I dance
  • I have blue eyes
  • I have cute feet
  • I love to read
  • I'm easily entertained
  • I'm funny
  • My laugh
  • My ability to enjoy a nap
  • I have lots of cute shoes that I can walk in (most of the time)
  • I have strong legs
  • I have curly/wavy hair
  • I love to love
  • I'm forgiving
  • I'm loyal
  • I love brownies and cake and cookies
  • I love to eat sushi even the raw stuff
  • I enjoy music
  • I like to write
  • I have a crown tattoo
  • I knit
  • I like to craft
  • I love camping
  • My daydreams are awesome
  • My cats are cute (how does that NOT make me awesome?)
  • I give good hugs
Hmmm....that's where I'm at for now. As you can see anything goes on an "I'm Awesome List" add anything you'd like that you like about yourself. Now go...Go make one for yourself.

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