Like a Proud Mama

Falcon Fever Dance Team
Moving back to Kennewick nine months ago was not the easiest choice to make. I felt at the time it was what I needed to do so I went through with it; over and over again I am shown that not only was it what I needed to do but that it was the best possible choice to make. There are so many things in my life right now that I couldn't have gotten any place else.

This weekend those girls up there in that picture, those beautiful girls, danced their hearts out and I was so very very proud to be a part of it. I ran the gamut of emotions during competition but the one that never left me was pride. And because the season is now over I do not feel bad sharing the videos of them dancing. (links to the dances are at the bottom with the times.)

On a side note, I fell down the stairs. I have a huge scrape down my shin which will surely turn into a gigantic bruise as well since it's tender basically from knee to ankle. Luckily only a couple hundred people were around to bear witness. Moments like that are why I don't feel guilty at all when I laugh at other people falling, I have given the world more than my fair share of "point and laugh at her" moments.

Kick Routine - They start at 3:27:00. They were given third place for this routine. I believe however that they deserved first, not because third is bad but because I truly feel they out-danced and out-performed their competition. We'll come back and get 'em next year!

Jazz/Lyrical Routine - Starts at about :44 minutes. This is where the magic happens, after watching it I think you'll agree that the judges should've come up with something higher than first place to award them.


Shannon said...

oh Jill, that was beautiful! amazing choreo and you can see the hours spent on it in their tiny little dance souls. bravo.

Gina Dickman said...

the kick one was awesome!!

Jill said...

Thank you for watching them! <3