I'd purr if I could

My plan for today was to walk to the grocery store but when I woke up it was drizzly and grey outside and my house seemed to say "stay inside, there is nothing you need so badly as to leave me today." My house was right, I did not really NEED anything out in that cold grey world so instead I've stayed inside and read, plus I also took a long hot shower. I'll have to leave in a few hours to go teach dance but by then my house will probably need a break from me anyhow. 

Days like this serve as reinforcement to my belief that I possibly would make a better cat than human. I'm an expert at taking naps, I love cuddling while taking said naps or just for general cuddles, I am temperamental but loyal to those who take care of me, I love snacks and treats throughout the day either before a nap or as a reward to a good nap or night of sleep, and I am particularly fond of patches of sunlight. 

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