These shoes weren't made for walkin'

Here is a story about something that sounded like a good idea but turned out to be a very, very bad idea...

Today I woke up, looked outside and on the ground was....wait for it....snow. Yup, March 22nd and snow was on the ground. I wanted to write a letter to Mother Nature reminding her that snow is decidedly "winter weather" and since Spring has officially begun the use of snow is no longer appropriate but I don't have her address. So instead I decided to revolt by getting myself nice and bronzed in a mystic tanning booth. I prepped my skin, got it all exfoliated then refused to put on an ounce of lotion and headed to practice an hour early so I would have plenty of time just in case there were others out there feeling the same way as I and there was a long wait. As it turns out, there was not a wait, no paperwork to fill out, I got in - got out and had a lot of time to fill.
By this time the weather (which has obvious problems with bi-polar disorder) was in the mid 50's, no wind and sunny. I figured that since I had time to spare I would walk the rest of the way out to the high school; I would spend my time getting some (light) exercise and soak in some extra sun along the way. Win-Win right? Wrong. Here is what I failed to take into account, or more accurately, took into account but promptly dismissed because I figured "how bad could it really be?": New shoes. Not tennis shoes, not even any shoes with socks, but these shoes --
Ooooh they're so Cute and I lurve them.

I also underestimated how far I was from the school, I knew that these were not the shoes to be walking in for very long but I thought...really how far could I be? TWO miles, I was two miles away. By the time I made it to practice I had eight, that's right EIGHT blisters on my feet. One of which was red, do you want to know why? You guessed it...blood.
Now, here I am at the end of the night, and the end of my story, feet slathered in neosporin and covered with band-aids, wishing I could go back to this morning when I decided those shoes were the right choice for today. Wishing for the chance instead to put on a cushy pair of socks inside a cushy pair of tennis shoes.

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just tell me you didn't bleed on the cute yellow shoes....