Sell Out

I don't have a DVR (or cable), so at night when I get home and I want to unwind I am at the mercy of live television. Or I suppose I could watch one of my movies but I try to reserve those for the weekends when there is absolutely nothing on T.V. Tuesday nights are bleak nights of entertainment for me, I don't get home until after 9pm which also limits what I can watch. There is a new(ish) show on NBC called Fashion Star and it's not that great but I watch it every week because it's either that or Dancing with the Stars and since I am anti that show I really only have one choice.
I feel like the only purpose for this show is to boost consumer consumption. It's like one long advertisement to buy clothes at either Macy's, Saks, or H&M. Unlike the show Project Runway where the focus is on the designers and their journey the focus on FS is on the buying of these items. Each "bought" item is available for sale online immediately following the show and in stores the next day. I checked it out sometime last week to see what they were selling for....it was not cheap. It was not even reasonable. Granted, my range of what I consider a "reasonable" price range is super low but even so...these prices were HIGH. And they were sold out. SOLD. OUT. NBC is doing their part to boost the economy one piece of fashion at a time.
Cute skirt right?
cost: $350!

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