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I got tagged by sister Gina, and even though I know I don't HAVE to do it, I like things like this. So here it goes...
Here are the rules:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
Channeling my inner Rock Star

1. I have to fall asleep watching T.V. If there isn't something on to distract my mind I'll lay in bed forever with my mind reeling.
2. I hate beets and cooked carrots. All other foods I like, even raw fish on sushi (YUM!)
3. Sometimes when I'm supposed to be getting ready or cleaning I get distracted when a good song comes on and I find myself dancing around instead of doing what I should be.
4. It makes my eyes bleed when people use "you're" and "your" incorrectly (along with all the other misspellings out there). This is happening more and more on the internet...on posters and pictures and random sites and I wish I could anonymously contact them and tell them that what they're (not "their") saying is nonsense.
5. About one day a week I need an entire day at home in my house doing nothing. It makes me feel ready to do all the other things I do.
6. I used to say I would never ever have pets. Never. And now I have two cats.
7. I am very easily entertained, so if I find something boring it probably means it is SUPER boring. 
8. I have a difficult time making decisions. The smaller the decision the more difficult it is for me to make.
9. It's really hard for me to get rid of things. Clothes, papers, shoes...anything. I hold on to things and when I try to get rid of something I wind up thinking "but what if I need/want this someday but I've gotten rid of it?" That thought terrifies me so the things get put back away.
10. I like having my fingernails painted. It makes me feel fancy. But I'm not good about removing the polish once it starts to chip which looks the opposite of fancy.
11. I don't like wearing shorts, even when it's 100 degrees outside. I'm making it a goal for this summer to try to make myself wear shorts in public, to force myself to get over it.

1.What is your favorite day of the week?
Monday. I know most people hate Mondays but I get to go to practice and teach contemporary so I love it!

2.If you could pick an actress to play you in a movie of your life who would it be?
Reese Witherspoon. I think she's cute and funny and not super hollywood-y. She seems pretty down to earth with a little quirkiness.  

3.What did you want to be when you were a child? (ex. I wanted to be a power ranger when I grew up)
I always wanted to be a teacher, but I think I also probably wanted to be a movie star a little bit.

4. What is your favorite book and why?
This is too hard for me to answer. I have too many favorites for lots of reasons. But I think I'll go with the "Harry Potter" series as a whole. I never get tired of them, not only are they a good story but they have a lot of good lessons about life and friendship in there too. They always warm my heart and make me cry.

6.Would you rather have your flight delayed or lose your luggage?
Flight delayed. Having a delayed flight is just more time to sit and read which is what I'd probably be doing anywhere. Lost luggage means lost things...things I'm attached to. I would hate that.

7.What celebrity do you want to meet most?
Tori Amos. I've always wanted to meet her and yet I'm afraid that if I actually did I would just stand there staring at her dumbfounded. I've had dreams about meeting her, becoming friends with her and they were awesome. OR If Adam Levine would like to dump his model girlfriend and marry  me I would dump Tori and pick him instead.

8.What is your favorite tv show?
Like I said before, I am easily entertained so this is a long list of "favorites": 30 Rock, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Parks and Rec, and then of course....So You Think You Can Dance!!!!
9.What’s one thing from your bucket list that you want to do next?
I don't have a long bucket list. I think I decided on trying to go to the Gorge to see a concert...not very exciting? Fine, another thing on my list is sky diving but that's expensive so if someone wants to sponsor my bucket list I'm ready.

10.Who is your hero?
I've said I'm not good at making decisions right? So you're prepared for another list of people where only one was asked for? Good. I'll start with my Grandpa and Papa, they were/are generous and kind, loving, forgiving, and made/make my family stronger. Which leads me into the rest of my family...there are things I admire and strive to be in every member of my family. I want to be like them when I grow up.

11.If you had the chance to go back to high school, Would you?
Oh hell to the no! Sometimes I have nightmares that I'm back in high school and they terrify me. I had a good time in high school but I've learned a lot since then and would never want to go back! 

I'll tag the people who I know read this who I would also like to learn some things about...Shannon and Rachael. But....if you read this and want to do it then TAG you're it too...just leave me a comment that you played so I can read what you wrote! I like learning things about people.


Shannon said...
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Gina Dickman said...


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okay my dear, i did it just for you! because i love you! and i need to add that shorts were invented by the devil i don't believe in. don't do it. you have hot legs and i still say don't do it...

... said...

i've been alerted to the missing #5 and realize now that i could add to my list of facts about me that i've lost my attention to detail...but my older sister has not apparently:)