If everyone knew about this but me I'm gonna be pissed that no one told me.

I have a new favorite thing.

That thing is my newly downloaded app called Songza. 
This is my new friend, he picks music for me.
Am I late to the game? Probably. I don't have very many apps on my phone. Most of the space is reserved for auditory pleasures like music and podcasts. I play Solitaire on my phone, but that's about the only game - all my other apps are for pictures or watching shows/movies. However, I realized yesterday that there was a lot of space being used up by podcasts that I'd already listened too but hadn't deleted yet...so I cleaned house and found room for a new app. I picked a musical one because I'm slightly obsessed.

So, there are a ton of things you can pick from on this thing. It's way more fun (to me) than Pandora, and I don't think I've listened to a single playlist for longer than 10 minutes because I'm just so curious as to what else is on here and I want to find out all about it RIGHT NOW! A few minutes ago I was listening to a playlist called "Freaks like me" - bands who were eccentric, but not outsiders, I am currently listening to "New Artists to Watch" - indie bands posed to take the scene. Last night I listened to "It's Thursday night, play music for unwinding" - you can pick the day/time of day and then what sort of mood you're in - from there you get a few different options of playlists. Seriously, it's never ending.

I'm obsessed.

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Rachael said...

I feel like I've been a very bad friend...