Could I be any more obvious?

Have I mentioned before how my life is fueled by music? I have? Well, then my thought process in this post should make total sense.

The other day I redeveloped my love for Lily Allen and discovered my love of Kate Miller-Heidke; they both reminded me that I used to be much sassier and that I used to be able to enjoy the male population however I deemed necessary at the time. I have listened to the following songs so many times in the past few days that were they tapes the ribbon would have worn out...but luckily they are digital recordings and they can't even get scratched or skip. Hooray technology!
Kate Miller-Heidke - God's Gift to Women
Lily Allen - Never Gonna Happen

I really wish that sending someone lyrics was an appropriate way to communicate because I can always find a song that says what I'm wanting to say in a much better way. 

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