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A couple new things today. First up is the pod-club pick of the week. It comes to us from an entirely new source for me, recommended by fellow pod-clubber Rachael. I have, in the past, thoroughly enjoyed all her recommendations and I fully believe this will be no different. Introducing:

(listen for free either through the link or on i-Tunes)

If you feel like being adventurous with me this week, please join us in listening to this podcast and then you can share your thoughts with us Friday. Or, if you are super private, you can just keep them to yourself.

Here is my other new thing this week: I have started oil pulling. I kept running into things about it on my searches through the internet so when I saw Coconut oil at Fred Meyer I decided I would try it out. I have also used the oil as a pre-wash conditioner on my hair and loved the results, so I will for sure be doing that at least once a week. So far I have only completed the oil-pulling twice and it was much easier than I'd anticipated. When I read that it needed to be done first thing in the morning for 15-20 minutes I was all "uhm, that's a long time." But, I've found that it goes by super fast. I put the oil in my mouth as soon as I roll out of bed, before my morning pee, and by the time I'm done making coffee, feeding the cats, tidying up the kitchen a bit - I am almost done. My main reason to try it out was to see if it would help my teeth and gums, I think two days in is a little soon to say whether or not it's working but I will keep you updated. If you want to read more about it for yourself here is an small, easy to read article:

New things are fun! Are you doing anything new?

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